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Meet The Family

The patriarch and resident 'blue hair' of the family, Glenn's biggest claim to fame is getting into a fender-bender with the immortal Coach Schembechler back in 1981.  Glenn earned a business degree from UM on a GI Bill after returning from Vietnam, and has been obsessed with Michigan football ever since. Retired from a former life as a tire manufacturer executive , Glenn has somehow managed to remain happily married with Donna for over forty seasons-- err, years.

Wife, mother, grandmother and baker of the finest cherry pies in East Pneumonia, Michigan... Donna cherishes nothing more than having her whole family together, and has realized that this typically happens every autumn Saturday around the television. A former grade school math teacher, her talents in the kitchen are perhaps only rivaled by her ability to analyze defensive game plans.

Tom is Glenn and Donna's oldest son and a successful engineer at a local firm. A Class of '97 UM alum, Tom was in the student section for every game of the epic championship season and even proposed to his sweetheart Pam after the National Title-clinching Rose Bowl. Father of Charlie and baby Bonita, Tom is learning that being a diehard fan and a dedicated family man do not always go hand in hand.

Pam Nelson didn't know what she was getting herself into, settling down with a Blockham and moving back to his childhood neighborhood. Almost fifteen years later, she's kept plenty busy by the exploits of her imaginative son Charlie and their destructive baby Bonnie. Pam is all about coupons and keeps track of every minute of time Tom gets away from the family to follow sports.

The black sheep, or perhaps the green stain. 'Bump' is Glenn and Donna's second son and quite possibly the family's biggest source of shame. Chalmers' love of roleplaying games distracted him in high school and ultimately kept him from being admitted to the University of Michigan, instead receiving his degree in East Lansing. Still a thorn in his father's side, he lives in his parents' basement and works as a delivery man for a local pizza shop.

Desmond Howard Blockham was a late addition the family, born nine months to the day after the 1991 Ohio State game in which his namesake famously struck the Heisman pose. All grown up, he is now a freshman in Ann Arbor and is quickly learning that being a Michigan Man in 2012 isn't quite the same as it was for his relatives.

Charles Lloyd Blockham is the first of a new generation of Blockham whose passion for Michigan sports has already taken firm hold. Wide-eyed, optimistic and occasionally delusional, Charlie can be typically found leading his imaginary Wolverines on a late touchdown drive on the playground or in his back yard.

Bonita Ann Blockham had the misfortune of being born during the Rodriguez era, but none of the family seems to hold it against her. Quite possibly the cutest thing on the planet during the twelve minutes of the day when she will actually sleep, baby Bo is as gentle as a wrecking ball and as quiet as fire parade... and doesn't take too kindly to being ignored by anyone at any time, let alone during a 3:30 October start.

Tom and Pam's lazy Basset hound wants nothing more than to sleep all day but instead spends most of his time hiding from the kids in fear of his life. Fielding has been trained to growl at Buckeye fans on command and is well versed in the art of flatulence, but what he really enjoys most is away games, where he can watch the game beside his owner Tom, who rewards him a biscuit for every Michigan touchdown.

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