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About The Strip

"The Blockhams" is a semiweekly online comic strip following the various misadventures of a multi-generational family and their collective devotion to the Maize and Blue. 

The love and loyalty of sports serves as nothing short of an heirloom in America, passed down from generation to generation and serving as the glue that holds so many families together when all else cannot.  For the Blockham family, their lifeblood is an all-encompassing and hallowed reverence of Michigan athletics, specifically Wolverines football in general.  Each character leads a very different life, filled with strange and colorful people who present unique challenges-- but it is Michigan that bonds them all together despite their differences.

This is a comic strip about Michigan Men, for Michigan Men.  And women.

Set in the picturesque, if not perpetually freezing, town of East Pneumonia, Michigan, "The Blockhams" will serve as an ongoing commentary of actual events and topics, as seen through the eyes of one fictional family that is perhaps not all that unlike our own families.  At its best, the strip will become a reflection of the UM fan base as a whole... and at its worst, it will ridicule the hijinx going on in places like East Lansing and Columbus.

Look for a new edition of "The Blockhams" every Tuesday and Thursday on this very site.  And GO BLUE!