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Hotter than what?!  Hotter than an OSU Compliance Officer at a Tattoo Convention?  Hotter than those hockey chicks Brian photobombed?  Hotter than the hot sauce on your barbacoa burrito at Chipotle??

That's right, it's a READERS CAPTION CHALLENGE!!! I've drawn the artwork and started the idea, now it's up to you, the readers, to put your own sense of humor to work to deliver the punchline!  How would you complete Tom's sentence?  Leave your most creative & witty solutions in a comment below and keep checking back all day to see what other readers have come up with.

Hey, it's the offseason.  Sharpen your sarcasm before the season begins.

The best answer, chosen by myself, will be worked into the final version and feature the winning writer's name in the by-line forever in the strip archives.  The winner will be chosen and announced on Monday morning.  Good luck!

The winning punchline has been embedded into the strip above!  Actually, the final text is a composite of ideas from MGoBlog readers "1484" and "blueblooded14," as depicted in the final piece.  And for the record, I have no fascination with the number 14-- just a strange coincidence I suppose.

Thanks to everyone for all of the great ideas-- this was certainly a fun exercise in MGoCreativity, and we'll be sure to do one again in the future.  GO BLUE!!