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A few weeks ago, I created an image for a strip, without fully knowing what the tagline would be. Surprisingly enough, this happens quite often-- I can see the strip in my head and know just how I want it laid out, but I struggle with the last frame or punchline and plug it in last. Sounds like a recipe for failure but some of the most well-received strips here at The Blockhams were created this way.

Anyway, after considering several ways to go with this strip, I ended up running it past MISOPOGON just for kicks, and he threw his two cents into it.  And then I got an idea-- how about a good ol' fashioned caption contest featuring some of my (and your) favorite members of the Michigan Football media? I sent out the call to a short list of candidates, and to my delight most agreed! I then worked up their responses into the original artwork and the results are what you see below.

My apologies for missing my first ever regularly scheduled entry in ten months on Tuesday... but I reserve the right to not draw during a national disaster, haha. Speaking of which, I hope everyone is safe, sound and lost nothing of great value during this whole Hurricane Sandy business.

So... ONTO THE STRIPS!!  Featured below are each of the entries from some of the most talented writers covering Michigan Football-- Please feel free to click on the link below each of their respective strips to visit each writer's own fantastic site online. And before you're finished, don't forget to vote for your favorite treatment of the strip-- the winner will receive a Free Imaginary Trip to Mrs. Katzenmoyer's Office with Charlie Blockham!!! (My own strip is listed as well, but is not available for vote.)

Without further ado, I present to you... "THE CUBE."

Thanks to everyone who took part in this fun little exercise in creativity!  We'll return to our regularly scheduled Blockhams content next week!  See you then and WIN THE LITTLE BROWN JUG!

Copyright © 2012 Scott S. Robbins. All Rights Reserved. May not be reproduced without permission.


  1. Did Dooley and Muckenthaler actually have the exact same caption, or is that a mistake? ;)

  2. We here at The Blockhams never make mistakes! They're just artistic interpretations of reality. Yeah, that's it....

    Actually caught it before reading your post thanks to some watchful eyes on Twitter. Mr. Muckenthaler's entry is now correct, and like all of the entries, it is glorious.

    Thanks again

  3. My entry goes out to everyone who ever had a pedantic older brother. So like...MSU and stuff.

  4. i'm torn between Craig Barker and Greg Dooley. Oh, how to decide!

  5. FYI, the Cube is fixed in space. It was built to allow Michigan Men to spin the Earth beneath it.